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March 12, 2017 - TODAY March 12, 2017 will be the Celebration of my 5 Years in Remission from my Cancers. Sorry,..but I thought I would BRAG a little.

February 17, 2017 - Even though my Birthday is February 24, due to amazing circumstances, I will be out of town. The PUPPI's have decided to throw me a "60th" Birthday Bash on Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at Purple Haze. Purple Haze is across the street from the Gibson Guitar Factory. The Party begins at 7 PM. It will be a Party.

December 6, 2016 - New show recently announced!  Be sure to visit Mike for Music, Free Beverages, Food, and over 50 New Paintings!  The show is on THURSDAY, December 15 from 6-9pm at Midtown Framers - 1523 Union in Memphis.

October 24, 2016 - A Gibson Guitar Town honor:  Mike was asked 

along with 19 other Mid-South Artists to paint BIG 10 foot tall Gibson Guitars for what Gibson is calling "Memphis Guitar Town."

Mike chose to honor his friend and Memphis / Rock and Roll / Songwriting Hall of Famer / Stax and Guitar Great / Music Legend, Steve Cropper, of Booker T and the MG's and Blues Brother's fame.

Mike had help. His friends Carol Jones, and Richard Stanley helped him paint, carry, and position the BIG Guitar for painting. Steve Cropper also agreed to pen a couple of his famous song Lyrics on the Guitar. The combination of work from Mike and his Friends was magic. Gibson will initiate Memphis as a Guitar Town November 2016.  See the progress of the guitar below.

October 15, 2016 - Another month brings more paintings!  Some absolute beauties in this update.  See anything you like?  Mike can paint you anything!



Two 24"x30" painting stacked on top of each other to present an impressionist statement about scene. The feathering of the clouds were inspired by the Clouds seen after a thunderstorm on the river.
This painting is SOLD




UTOPIA 10"X10"


September 30, 2016 - Mike stays busy painting!  How about giving him an email or call if you need something painted OR like something you see. :)

The above are SOLD
Rocks 10 N Main
Rocks Trolley
Rocks Tree 
Rocks Building

Selfie and the Church 24"x30" Commission
The WHO Hit's 50 Guitar for Moonshine Ball

August 31, 2016 - A few new paintings Mike did back in August...

Memphis Bridge Night 20"x24" and ...
Tribute to Randy


JAKE 24"X30"

18"X24" my response to the abstract concept that now honors criminals instead of praising the police for stopping a criminal in the act of a crime. Peace and security I the calming cool colors and Chaos in the red.

my painted guitar for the new Moonshine Ball

RT Scott Song

July 31, 2016 - Mike wanted to share this with everyone.


On Memorial Day, my MOM went to the restroom and lost a quart of blood. It was called a GI Bleed. It took 5 procedures and a colonoscopy to fix it. We spent 10 days on and off from the ICU.

During this Hospital Stay, being away from Home, we had a plumbing leak that destroyed 4 rooms, a Hallway, and a Staircase. So we had NO place to live while the home was being fixed. Being avid Casino patrons we were able to stay in the casino's for 12 days, completely comped.

During those twelve days my MOM started going down hill. By day 12 her Blood count was 22, and we checked back into the ER at Baptist Desoto Hospital. Also during this time I argued with the Insurance company, it took 15 days till they settled. While in the Casino's and the 17 day stay in Baptist it took the construction crew 26 days to fix my house. Now during this 17 day stay, MOM had a transfusion, and she did well. The next day MOM went into Respiratory Distress. The Doctors told me to call Family and Friends to come and pay their last respects to my MOM.

She didn't die, but we went back to the ICU. We visited the ICU 3 times during this Stay. Seventeen days later I brought my overly Demintia'd MOM back home. I had cousins clean the house, and dump everything not needed. I rearranged her room, bought her a new mattress, and a Stair Lift inclinator for the Stairs. Also during this time I have NOT worked and lost thousands in commissions. So now you might understand why this has been the worst 50 days of my Life.

March 30, 2016 - I will be coming to Nashville April 5, to be part of a Grand Event. My Friend and Music Legend Steve Cropper, and I will be autographing my Cropper lithographs and Giclees at Devine ART Cafe.

In the background you may notice many of my original paintings, and prints; all of which will be for sale. I also have the great honor of introducing a new Star on the ART world Horizon, Andrea Cropper. Her originals and prints will also be available.

There will also be Food, Beverages, Cigars, and a Silent Auction. Please come by and say, "Hi!"  In short, it's a party on Tuesday, April 5, 2016, 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm at Devine ART Cafe 604 Gallatin Ave # 109.

I want to thank my friends...
Ric Eller, Angel Cropper, and Kathy Dozier, for putting this together. And, thank you Paula Hock and Devine ART Cafe for inviting me.

Check out previews of some of the ART available below... :)

Dock of the Bay
Bite the Bullet
TN Stars
Neon King

Piano City
Piano Nashville

Red City BG
Red Nashville
Skinny Red

Midnight Hour
Heart Music
Guitar Journey

March 28, 2016 - Mike's painted a LOT of new stuff for 2016!  Check out the gallery new arrivals.

March 15, 2016 - I am always asked can I paint "X"? So, I thought I would design a business card for the digital age that can answer that question.  I can customize this concept for any business.  You will find 10 examples below.

February 24, 2016 - Wednesday I will begin my 59th Tour around the Sun.  So to Celebrate I'm having an ART SHOW, with an Open Bar for FUN.  There will be around 20 New Original Paintings, MOM, and Me.  So come by Playhouse on the Square, between 5-6:30 PM and see.  The Dinner part of the evening will be at Mr. B's Steak House beginning around 8 PM.  - Mike

January 8, 2016 - My next ART display will be at Playhouse on the Square from January 15 - February 25, with the ART SHOW Party and my Birthday Colliding on Wednesday February 24, from 5-6:30 PM then moving onto Mr. B's for a Steak Dinner beginning around 8 PM. All NEW ART, kinda the same drinks, and maybe some music as well.

December 31, 2015 - Last blast of ART for 2015... Plenty to come for next year, so stay tuned... :)

Sharing 12"x36"
Pouring 18"x24"
Resting on the Sun 16"x20"
Summer Road 24"x30"

3 Parrots with ADHD 24"x30"
Two for Tennis 20"x20"
Swinging 24"x36"

Winner 18"x24"
Sunset Feeding 18"x36"
B. B. King on the Mississippi 30"x40"

Skid 30"x30"
Into the Light 24"x36"
Alone 30"x40"

634-5789 Guitar
Jerry Lee Lewis Guitar
Infinity 30"x40"

Grizz Dunk Chair n/a
European Metamorphosis 24"x36"
Flowers Gone 24"x36"

Going Somewhere 12"x36"

Memphis Tiger 24"x36"
Paxton Lynch 24"x30"

November 10, 2015 - ART for CHRISTMAS. Just a reminder, that Mike needs time to paint commissions.  It's best to be in line, instead of being on the back burner. Think, Original ART for Christmas. Nothing says YOU thought about that gift, than something creative. Plus you will be supporting my MOM's gambling journeys. And if you Don't know what you want, come to an ART Show.

The next ART show is at Midtown Framers (1523 Union) on November 19th!  There will be music, beverages, food, and of course ART!  50+ paintings.  :)

July 7, 2015 - Looking for a GREAT deal on even BETTER ART?  Mike's pieces that are on display at Tuscany Italian Steakhouse in Olive Branch are now on SALE for HALF PRICE.  Now through July 23, 2015 ...

July 7, 2015 - Here's what Mike's been up to in 2015... a TON of new paintings!  Look through and find your favorite.  Be sure to follow Mike on Facebook for all the latest updates.  Click any photo to enlarge...

B. B. KING On the Mississippi 30"x40"
Blocked by a Tree 18"x24"

Another Day in Paradise 30"x40"
Caribbean Transplant 30"x40"
Carry the Love 18"x24"
Heritage Highland Games 24"x36"

Love Kills 12"x24"
Movin On 12"x24"

Directions 20"x20"
Caught in the Dance 30"x30"
Contemplating Her Future 20"x20"

Hot Coffee 16"x20"
Hot Wheels 16"x20"
Knight Rider 30"x30"

Lavender Lovers 20"x20"
Lullaby on the River 18"x24"
Missing Bottle 18"x24"
Olives and More 18"x24"

Red Coffee Cup 20"x20"
Replacements 30"x30"
Road to Snow 20"x20"


Running Towards the Light 18"x24"
Waiting Patiently 18"x24"


Scouting 24"x36"
Stranger in my House 30"x40"
The 3-2 Pitch 12"x24"
Today's Special 12"x36"
Who Am I 18"x24"

Wind on the River 30"x30"

May 28, 2015 - In honor of the King...

Rest in Peace ... B. B. King

March 1, 2015 - New show announcedment!  On Saturday, March 21, 2015, Mike will have an ART show at Tuscany, the Italian Steakhouse in Olive Branch, Mississippi on Goodman Road (Hwy 302) - located next to Frontier Western Store. Besides the 28 paintings already there, I will also be selling 10-15 other paintings that will be on easels, scattered about the restaurant.  Come EAT and buy ART!  :)

January 11, 2015 - Mike will be at the International Blues Challenge 20-23 ... Mike's ART is now also on display (and for sale!) at Tuscany the Italian Steakhouse in Olive Branch, MS and Strano's in the Cooper Young Area as well as Midtown Framer in Memphis. 

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